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December 31, 2010
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Pit set his hands on the top of Ike's head and giggled, patting down his wild blue hair. Ike smiled and loosely held onto the brunette's ankles.

"Ready for some fireworks, Love?" Ike asked, continuing down the long hall.
"Totally!" Pit chirped. "This'll be so fun! But you know what I don't get?"
"Aren't fireworks just for the Fourth of July?"
"Eh," Ike shrugged. "Who says we can't have fireworks on New Year's?"

Pit giggled and Ike let go of his ankles so he could jump off his shoulders. Pit pressed the "up" button a couple of times before Ike laughed and told him he could stop. The youth bounced of excitement and grabbed onto his love's hand, staring at the elevator's door.

"I'm soooooo excited!" Pit sang, starting to jump up and down. "Hurry up silly elee-vay-torr!"

Ike laughed again.

"I can tell you're very excited," he smiled. "Have I ever taken you to see fireworks?"
"You told me about them!" Pit said quickly, looking up at Ike. "You told me people shoot them off for the Fourth of July! I've never seen them before though!"

Pit looked back at the elevator as fast as he was done talking, like if he looked at it with as much focus as he could muster, it would go faster. Ike couldn't help but keep laughing, the young brunette was just too funny. And finally, with a loud DING, the silver doors to the elevator creaked open, and Pit shouted in triumph and hopped into the empty little room. Ike stepped in after him and hit the top button, Pit still jumping up and down. Ike set a hand on his shoulder, telling him it was dangerous to jump in an elevator.

"Ohhhh it's not dangerous…" Pit said as-a-matter-of-factly, putting his hands on his hips.
"Well, I dunno," Ike shrugged, putting up his hands. "It may be. But I've never jumped in one, so I don't really know."

Pit smiled but stopped jumping. Ike put a hand on his head and ruffled up his soft hair.

"Have you ever seen fireworks, Ikey-poo?" Pit giggled.
"Many times," Ike laughed.
"Are they pretty?"
"They're very pretty, but they're really loud."
"Really loud? Will it hurt my ears?"
"Well, it won't hurt your ears, but just make sure you know it's loud, so you're not caught off guard."

Pit nodded and smiled again. He stared at the elevator door.

"… This thing is soooooo slow!" he whined.
"Here, I'll help pass the time."

Ike scooped up his lover and held him against his chest, leaning down to kiss his lips gently. Pit's eyes widened a little but soon closed, and he wrapped his arms around the bluenette's shoulders. Ike moved his lips against the youth's naturally red lips then down his cheek to his neck. Pit's cheeks went as red as his lips and he made a soft noise in his throat, putting a hand on the back of the bluenette's head. Ike snaked his tongue out and slowly licked Pit's warm neck, making the brunette tremble a little and press into him.

A loud DING sounded and the squeaky silver doors to the elevator slid open. Ike looked over to the door and smiled, licking Pit one more time then setting him down. Pit opened his eyes halfway and looked around him, up at Ike. Ike smiled again and took his hand, walking out of the hot elevator and onto the rooftop.


Pit hugged himself as his teeth started to chatter.

"I-Ike it's c-c-cold!" he whined.

Ike kneeled down in front of Pit and pulled off his jacket and wrapped it around him. Ike zipped it up to the brunette's chin, it being way too big, but nice and cozy.

"Why didn't you bring a sweater?" he asked, getting back to his feet.
"You didn't tell me to bring one…" Pit said quietly.
"It's alright," Ike smiled, ruffling his hair again. Pit smiled up at Ike then looked around the rooftop.

A few other couples had come that had heard about the secret firework-watching-spot, and lay out blankets to sit on. The building top was pretty bare, just a lot of bricks and metal.

The sky was nice and clear, perfect for the fireworks that were going to be shot off in a few moments. Ike picked up his bundled up lover again and walked toward one of the edges, over-looking the dark city. Pit gasped at the beautiful sight, then smiled up at Ike. Ike smiled back, then stepped away from the edge and sat on the cold ground, setting the youth in his lap. He wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling him against him.

"Ike, you're warm…" Pit giggled. "How can you be warm? I have your jacket!"

Ike shrugged and smiled. He looked up into the sky just in time as a large firework shot up from the distance and blew up into a large circle of light.

"Pit, look!" Ike said, pointing over the brunette's shoulder into the sky. "The fireworks are starting!"

The large bang was right after it blew up, making Pit jump and cover his ears tightly.

"You're right!" he squeaked. "Those are super loud!"

Ike lay his hands over Pit's and set his chin on his head, gazing up into the sky again. Pit looked as well, gasping at the beautiful fireworks that blew up in the sky. Pretty yellow, blue, green, red, orange, purple, so many different colors and shapes the fireworks came in. It was amazing…

Pit's fascinated eyes were stuck up in the sky, and Ike just smiled. He turned his head to look at his watch. He gently took the brunette's hands off his ears and whispered,

"Three, two, one. Happy New Year my love."
Link x Soren: [link]
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Kyo x Momiji: [link]

Yes, I'm doing a story for every pairing I want. Deal with it.
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